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SEAWOLF is the only widely used missile in the world that was designed specifically to kill incoming anti-ship missiles. During test firings, it has been known to actually strike a 4.5" Mk 8 naval shell in flight. This is the sort of precision that most missile designers only dream about. In combat situations, the entire system can be set to operate automatically, sensing incoming targets, evaluating whether the target is friend or foe, aiming and firing the missile, all within the space of a few seconds. During the Falkland Islands conflict with Argentina, occasionally the first indication a British cruiser had that an enemy was in the area was when the SEAWOLF system activated, swung around and fired. SEAWOLF is a small, canister fired missile, only two meters long. It has a speed of Mach 2, and an effective range of five kilometers.
This was the first kit that The Launch Pad ever designed to use composite fuel motors exclusively. Our Seawolf is brought to you in accurate 1/2.72 scale and the 1998 release has been re-engineered to fly on an AeroTech E30-7, or a RMS F24-4 motor. It can also use an AeroTech E15-7 motor if an extended launch rod (four feet or longer) is used. Estes "D12" series motors are not recommended for this model. Defend your airspace with SEAWOLF!

SKU #  KO52
Price    $40.99

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