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Now Designed for "F" Power!


This modern tank-buster saw plenty of action in the Persian Gulf! Helicopter launched, its television guided or infrared homing capabilities made it an effective and deadly weapon against enemy armored vehicles. HELLFIRE (HELicopter Launch FIRE and forget) is one of the major armaments for the U.S. Army’s agile and versatile Apache helicopter. This compact (64 inch) missile rapidly boosts to Mach 1.17 and can be fired without prior lock-on of its laser designated target seeker. The missile notices the laser designation beam while in flight and homes in immediately. This enables the launching helicopter to fire from behind cover, such as low hills, without exposing itself to enemy counter-fire.
Our kit of the deadly HELLFIRE Missile features an extra-strong tail cone tube to help prevent landing damage, and a safe recovery is assured by our tough, colorful 18" diameter Mylar parachute. Our HELLFIRE is capable of flying on either the popular "D12" series black powder motors, or the 24mm AeroTech "E15", "E30", and now "F24" RMS series motors. Another of our scale favorites.

Price $29.99


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