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Now Designed for "F" Power!

The CLASSICS Collection

This missile, like the Bullpup AGM-12C, was part of a series of missiles designed to soften up hardened ground emplacements, bunkers, and underground fortifications prior to sending in ground troops. First used by the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, it was later adopted by the Royal Navy as standard strike armament on the Buccaneer aircraft. The AGM-12B used high explosives, although a similar, later version, the AGM-12D, had nuclear capabilities. Used by the U.K., Denmark, Norway and Turkey, this is a prime candidate for the International Collection.
This one uses "D12" series through AeroTech "F24" series motors for liftoff, and a soft landing is ensured by its 18" diameter Mylar parachute. Even the steering fin pivots near the nose are simulated to give that extra touch of realism. It’s a lightweight, highly detailed model in 1/4.62 scale, with exceptional takeoffs and smooth performance, flight after flight. Our test model has been flown more than twenty-eight times and after only minor cosmetic repairs is still going strong! The Launch Pad’s kit version of this famous missile is easy to build, and is an attractive, detailed rocket, either in the air, or on display. Minor internal modifications for additional stability now enable the present version of this kit to use the larger "F" motors.

SKU #K005
Price $29.99

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