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Now Designed for "F" Power!

The CLASSICS Collection

The 1970’s successor to the HAWK MIM-23A on the previous page, the MIM-23B was slightly longer to accommodate a larger warhead and improved propellant motor. It also had a much more reliable and rugged guidance package, and many other changes were made in the electronics and fire-control systems to bring the aging HAWK batteries up to date. It was launched from a towed three-missile carrier, or a self-propelled tracked version (used only by Israel and the United States).Our hot new Improved HAWK has been designed as a display companion to our MIM-23A, and is brought to you in the same big 1/5.45 scale. Construction takes just a bit more skill, but the result is a sport-flying or display model of which you can justly be proud. Rugged materials and construction techniques enable the use of high-thrust "E30" series motors, and now RMS "F24" motors can take your Improved HAWK missile to unbelievable heights!

SKU # K007
Price  $31.99

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