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The EXOCET family was originally designed as ship-launched missiles, but the air-launch potential was immediately recognized and development began. The first air-launched EXOCET was designated AM.38, and was nearly identical to the ship-fired MM.38 missile. This was test fired from helicopters, but the need for faster, longer-range delivery was obvious. Changes were then made to the airframe, wings, and fins to facilitate carrying by jet fighters at supersonic speeds. A new propulsion system and an improved target seeker were added, and the new missile was then designated AM.39, the version we offer in kit format.
Our Aerospatiale EXOCET AM.39 is a painstakingly designed 1/5.30 scale replica of this important French anti-ship missile. It uses a single "D" or "E" motor to achieve its long-range flights, and returns by an 18" diameter parachute for its next mission. For clustered "D" or "E" motor power, see the slightly larger EXOCET MM.40 on the next page.

SKU # K041
Price $28.99


International Favorite

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