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The STANDARD AGM-78 is used by the U.S. Navy. Air-launched, as in this configuration, it locks onto and rides enemy radar impulses to their source, thereby blinding the enemy’s defenses. It was developed to correct some of the shortcomings of the Vietnam-era SHRIKE AGM-45, but this missile has largely been replaced in its turn by the still more reliable HARM AGM-88A. The ship launched configuration of this missile is designated RGM-66D. The anti-radar variants can be distinguished from the other members of the STANDARD family by the ring of dark dielectric panels near the nose.We completely redesigned our version of the STANDARD AGM-78 in 1994 to bring you this descendant of the old Terrier missile in accurate 1/5.2 scale. It’s a big, exciting model to build and fly, and gets noticed at every rocket meet.  Redesigned from our original plans,  this kit is now able to use "D" through "F" motors. This model is large enough to give slow, impressive liftoffs, yet it still achieves impressive altitudes. Our test model goes straight up like it’s riding on rails! An 18" diameter parachute ensures gentle recoveries. Nearly three feet tall!

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Price  $32.99


Now Designed for "F" Power!The CLASSICS Collection

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