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Now Designed for "F" Power!International Favorite

Rapier is a small (88 inch) missile that originated in the mid 1960’s, and after an extremely successful development period, went into service with the British Army and RAF Regiment in June of 1967. Originally a visually tracked, command-guided missile, later versions now routinely use the Blindfire radar system to direct the missile’s flight. Rapier is extremely accurate, and employs a direct-action crush fuse to detonate its 1.1 lb. semi-armor-piercing warhead inside the target, giving it a SSKP (Single-Shot Kill Potential) of over 60 percent. Coastal defense batteries use a towed four-round launcher with integral radar dish, and there are now tracked armored carriers which hold four to eight missiles.Our Rapier missile kit is brought to you in huge ½ scale! Capable of flying on anything from black powder "D" motors to the powerful composite fuel RMS "F24" series motors, this is one of our most versatile rockets. Body detailing is authentic, down to the twin receiver aerials on the trailing edges of each wing. Recovery is by our 18" octagonal bright Mylar parachute, and, as with all of our kits, Rapier can be launched from most standard (tripod-type) model rocket launchers, when equipped with a 3/16" diameter launch rod at least 36" long.

SKU # K014
Price  $32.99


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