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Nearly everyone is familiar with the Patriot missile, used in the Persian Gulf War to intercept incoming Iraqi SCUDs. One drawback of the Patriot, originally intended to destroy aircraft and not missiles, was that its fragmentation warhead was designed to detonate near the target, hopefully enabling high-speed shrapnel to destroy an enemy vehicle’s warhead or its targeting system. Unfortunately, this proved inadequate, in some cases allowing pieces of the SCUD to hit on or near its target anyway. This new Patriot is designed to actually strike the target in flight, enabling its smaller warhead to detonate internally, doing much more damage and disabling the target aircraft or missile completely. The real missile is 5.01 meters long and 25.5 cm in diameter.Designed at 1/3.858 scale, this is one of the tallest rockets The Launch Pad has ever offered. It’s built light, so even at 51 inches in height, it can still be flown on small fields with a D12-3 motor, but its best performance is with the beefier, reloadable E18 or F24 motors. For a realistic, high-speed takeoff, try a single-use E30! Because of the large size of this rocket, we recommend that smaller tripod-type model rocket launch pads have their legs staked down to avoid having stray breezes topple the launcher.

SKU #K029
Price  $29.99


Replacement for Patriot!
PAC-3  Patriot Advanced Capability 

Formerly "ERINT" (Extended Range Interceptor)   (USA)

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