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Now Designed for "F" Power!The CLASSICS Collection

During its development, the Sparrow missile progressed through several different stages of development, changing and evolving into the version shown here. Externally nearly identical to the AIM-7E, advances in solid state guidance systems enabled this version to carry a larger motor and an enlarged, 88lb. warhead. The bigger motor more than doubled the range of the Sparrow, from 28 miles for the AIM-7E to more than 62 miles for the AIM-7F. The general airframe of the Sparrow has also been modified into an anti-radar missile (AGM-45A Shrike) and a surface-to-air canister fired missile (RIM-7H Sea Sparrow) equipped with folding fins.
This is another big one from The Launch Pad. Although our Sparrow AIM-7F can be flown on an Estes D12-3 motor, we really designed this kit to fly on the more powerful AeroTech "E" and "F" motors. Kit details include the diamond-shaped pivot shrouds on the forward (steering) wings, underside wiring tunnel, a fitted tail cone, and the brackets flanking the rear fins. To ensure gentle recovery, we included either two 18" diameter parachutes, or one of our large 18" x 30" oblong ‘chutes in the kit. Nearly four feet tall!


SKU # K057
Price  $34.99


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