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"Gecko" SA-8        Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile    (USSR)

First seen in a Red Square parade in 1975 were 12 all-new vehicles carrying quadruple launchers for this modern and self-contained missile system, derived from the Soviet Navy’s SA-N-4. The real missiles are 3.2 meters long, 210 mm in diameter and carry a warhead weighing an estimated 50 kg. These are high speed interceptors, reaching a maximum speed of Mach 2, with a maximum slant range of about 12 km. They can engage targets at altitudes from only 50 meters to as high as 13000 meters. "Gecko" is believed to be fitted with both infra-red and semi-active radar seeker heads.Our "Gecko" SA-8 is a detailed 1/3.178 scale replica of this Soviet missile. We include easily-missed particulars that were difficult to distinguish in most Soviet propaganda photos, such as the accurate tail cone, and the very small wiring tunnels along both sides of the missile body. This easy-to-build kit can handle 24mm motors ranging from D12's through F24's.

SKU # K024
Price  $28.99


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