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Another LAUNCH PAD Original!

Here’s another chance for the advanced modeler to demonstrate his or her skills. The SCIMITAR was introduced in 1993, and quickly became one of our most popular Plan-Paks. It’s hurled into the air by a cluster of three "D" motors in the booster stage, then a fourth electrically ignited "D" motor in the upper stage takes it to altitudes that have to be seen to be believed. Both the booster and the upper stage return under large 18" diameter parachutes. Military cruise missile styling features four simulated air intakes for the upper stage "turbojet" propulsion system. Requires some easy wiring work, but everything is shown in clear step-by-step detail in the Plan-Pak.ATTENTION!: Now we’ve taken this favorite Plan-Pak rocket and modified it to be flown as a single-stage KIT! When launched, it looks the same as our famous two-stage Plan-Pak version, but is much simpler internally. The complete kit version of the SCIMITAR flies on a pair of "D" motors, or, if you have experience in igniting clustered composite fuel motors, a pair of 24mm AeroTech "E15" motors may be used. Returns safely with a single 18" diameter octagonal Mylar parachute. This is one beautiful rocket! Why not build both versions?

SKU #K027
Price  $39.99


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