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International Favorite
SAAB 372 (RB 72)   AIR-TO-AIR MISSILE    (Sweden)

The Swedish government authorized development of this IR guided missile in July of 1975, intending it to be the primary air-to-air armament for the JA37 Viggen fighter. Although it had an exceptionally fine nitrogen-cooled seeker head, a feature which was carried over to the later SAAB B83 missile, this program was halted in April, 1978, when the British Sky Flash (British version of Sparrow) was ordered instead, and the SAAB 372 never saw operational service.
Our 39" tall SAAB 372 (1/2.66 scale) flies on "D" through "F" motors. It is a finely detailed representation of this excellent and attractive missile, which also makes a beautiful display model. It has been internally redesigned for 1998, and its best performance is now achieved with an AeroTech RMS F24-4 24mm motor. This missile gets noticed! Fly it!

SKU #K059
Price $31.99


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