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Now Designed for "F" Power!The CLASSICS Collection

First contracted in the mid-1950's, HAWK (Homing-All-the-Way-Killer) served as America’s defense against the low level attacker, while Nike Hercules (#K022) took care of the high-flying threats. This nearly 17-foot long missile also had anti-missile capabilities, and in 1960 was the first weapon system to successfully intercept another rocket (an Honest John) at supersonic speeds. HAWK followed up this feat by engaging and destroying Little John and Corporal missiles. HAWK has been sold to more than 21 foreign nations, making it a definite contender for Champion of the International Collection. Over 39,000 HAWK missiles were produced, including this version’s successor, the MIM-23B Improved HAWK, offered on the next page of this catalog. The HAWK/NIKE system is now being replaced by Patriot/PAC-3.Our 1/5.45 scale kit for the HAWK MIM-23A will result in an accurate, "D" through "F" powered model of this famous warbird. Recovery is by a large, 18" diameter octagonal Mylar parachute. This is one imposing addition to your sport rocketry collection! The HAWK is ready for any anti-aircraft action! (Hey, just kidding! No target shooting, OK?) All kit rockets from The Launch Pad can be flown from a standard tripod launcher when equipped with a 3/16" diameter launch rod.

SKU # K035
Price  $35.99

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