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Now Designed for "F" Power!

Alarm Anti-Radar Missile  (UK)

This is the original prototype version of the British ALARM Anti-Radar missile. The later production model can be distinguished by its blunter nose cone and the bulge of a sensor blister near the nose. When fired at an enemy radar source, the enemy can often detect the incoming missile and switch off their equipment, thereby depriving the missile of a target. When this happens, the ALARM either switches to a back-up target, or immediately changes course... straight up. At 40,000 feet it stops and swings to a head-down orientation, suspended by a small parachute. Then it waits. Eventually the enemy position decides the missile must have impacted somewhere by now, so they turn their radar equipment back on to take a look. At this point the missile releases its parachute and slams in for a nearly unstoppable kill.

This is one of the most beautiful missiles in The Launch Pad’s international arsenal. It’s smooth and sleek, without any body clutter, and our test model is painted in the original bright cherry red with black accent striping. It’s big, too. It’s over 44 inches tall, and although it can be flown on a D12-3 black powder motor, this redesigned kit flies best on Aerotech’s "E" or "F" composite fuel motors. The performance is fantastic! Add this remarkable missile to your collection of international favorites today!

SKU K001
Price  $35.99

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