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Now Designed for "F" Power!

The MAVERICK is a compact, air-launched tactical missile designed for use against small, concentrated targets such as tanks, concrete bunkers, parked aircraft, and communications vans. It carries a 59kg high-explosive conical shaped charge designed for high penetration. The television guidance system used in this version, although better than that of the AGM-65A, still limits it to daylight operations. A later development, the AGM-65D IIR (Imaging Infra-Red) Maverick is capable of performing day or night missions.
Now rated for Composite Fuel "F24" motors! Our design for the MAVERICK gives you all the detail we could gather. The body rivets are accurately placed, and we even included the launch rail mounting brackets. Note the fin pivots on the root edges of the rear guidance fins. What more could you want? Great performance? You've got it. Our AGM-65B is "D" through "F" powered for spectacular launches and is safely recovered by a big, 18" diameter parachute.

SKU # K019
Price $26.99


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