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Indigo is a high-acceleration, short-range anti-aircraft missile manufactured by Contraves Italiana and Sistel. Its single stage, British manufactured motor produces 8,267 lbs. of thrust for 2 ½ seconds, giving Indigo a range of approximately 6.25 miles against low-level targets. It is a self-contained mobile unit, carried by Ford manufactured tracked vehicles with six missile containers on each. The real missile is 3.32 m long, weighs 267 lbs at launch, and carries a 21 kg fragmentation warhead.
Slightly modified in 1998, our 2005 Indigo kit now uses "D" through "F" power for its spectacular flights. Watch it move out on an AeroTech E30-7 motor! Our version of the Indigo is more than 44 inches tall (1/2.95 scale), yet still flies from most standard tripod model rocket launchers (with 3/16" diameter launch rod). Tail cone, body wiring tunnels, and fin-tip receiver aerials add detail to this model. Light weight and mid-power; what a combination!

SKU # K058
Price $28.99


Now Designed for "F" Power!


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