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Now Designed for "F" Power!The CLASSICS Collection

This is the latest version of America's long-range air-to-air powerhouse. With the same physical dimensions as the AIM-54A, the new Phoenix has more speed, more range and better electronics than its predecessors. Just point and shoot. The unique tracking system of the PHOENIX AIM-54C enables one pilot to launch six missiles against six different targets simultaneously, at ranges of over 100 kilometers! Cost is over half a million dollars per missile!
Much more affordable is The Launch Pad’s 1/5.77 scale kit of this deadly interceptor. This missile is one we are really proud of. To bring you the most accurate data possible, we scaled this model directly from the real missile on display in the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., and now this former Plan-Pak missile is available in complete kit form! Even the realistic angled strakes down the root edges of the main wings are included! To top it all off, the kit version of this missile is now rated for AeroTech "F" powered flights! The Phoenix AIM-54C is a good example of how The Launch Pad strives to give you the best scale replicas for your money. This could be a prizewinner!

SKU # K023
Price  $30.99

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