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Two-Motor Cluster!International Favorite.


Martin Pescador (Spanish for Kingfisher) is a command guided missile for use primarily against large surface (non-mobile) targets. It is a fairly primitive missile, manually guided by the pilot of the attacking aircraft using a small radio-command joystick control, much like the USA’s early Bullpup series of missiles (also in this catalog). Like the Bullpup, Martin Pescador carries three flares in the tail assembly to aid the pilot in tracking the missile to the target. Maximum speed is Mach 2.3, delivering a warhead weighing 40 kg. Detonation is by direct impact fuse. It has a range of 2.5-7.9 km.Cluster Power! Our Martin Pescador model is powered by a pair of 24mm motors in tandem. Two D12-5 motors are recommended, and those with experience in clustering composite fuel motors can use a pair of E15-7s. Incredible flights, every time! Compare this price to any other manufacturer’s clustered kits!

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