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This unusual looking missile is the result of a collaboration between the British firm of Hawker-Siddely, and Matra in France. This version, the AS.37, is employed by both the British and the French, and uses a movable receiver aerial to lock onto the hostile radar emission and send guidance signals to the small set of control fins behind the wings. The somewhat shorter, television-guided AJ.168 version of the Martel is used only by the British. Length of the AS.37 version Martel is reported at 412 centimeters, and it weighs 1213 lbs. at launch. Speed is high subsonic, although it is claimed to break the sound barrier in a steep attack.
You’d think a rocket with fins placed like this would be all over the sky, wouldn’t you? So did we, but when we tried it out, Martel turned out to be surprisingly easy to stabilize with only a minimum amount of nose weight (supplied in the kit). So here it is, in 1/6 scale, ready to perform its "D" or "E" powered radar-seeking missions flawlessly, flight after flight. The sleek tail cone is supported internally by an extra-heavy-duty core tube to absorb landing shocks and minimize damage, and, as always, we supply both a barrel swivel and quick-change snap swivel for the ‘chute, to help keep your shroud lines from tangling. Uses any standard launcher with a 3/16" launch rod. A beautiful addition to your International Collection!

SKU # K053
Price  $30.99

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