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Now Designed for "F" Power!


Here’s a kit that has been one of our most popular models since 1996! This is the air launched version of the Harpoon, used by the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Although the surface-launched and submarine launched versions (both with booster stages) have been widely exported, no foreign sales have been announced for the AGM-84A. It is a sea-skimmer, coming in low to avoid radar detection, and at the last moment performs a sudden pop-up and dive onto the target ship. This final maneuver is intended to defeat automatic rapid-fire defense systems. Range is approximately 58 miles, powered by a small Teledyne turbojet engine. Length of the actual missile is 12ft., 7in., and it weighs 1,160 lbs. at launch. Five hundred lbs. of this weight is the high explosive warhead.Just take a look at the illustration at left to see the fine detailing possible with your Launch Pad Harpoon AGM-84A kit! This rocket stands almost 30 inches tall, and is now powered by your choice of either a "D", "E", or "F" 24mm motor. As with all of our kits, it may be launched from any standard launcher equipped with a 3/16" diameter launch rod. This kit is a great introduction to Mid-Power rocketry! Try it!

SKU # K012
Price  $33.99


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