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International Favorite.Now Designed for "F" Power!


The Kormoran combines range, accuracy, and hard-hitting power in one smooth, aerodynamic package. Air launched against ships or land targets, the Kormoran employs inertial guidance for cruising. Then, when it reaches its target at the end of its 23 mile range, active radar homing takes over, the Kormoran streaks in, and both missile and target disappear in a blinding flash.... Kormoran’s 352 lb. warhead is delay fused, to allow it to penetrate up to 90mm of steel plate before detonating, and the blast can send casing fragments through up to seven bulkheads!When you build the Kormoran from our kit, the result is a tall, rakish 1/5.20 scale model of this high-tech sea killer. An 18" parachute allows gentle recovery after a single "D", "E" or "F" motor blasts it to apogee. Clear diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions make this rocket a pleasure to build. International rocketry at its best! Add the Kormoran AS.34 to your collection today!

SKU # K015
Price  $28.99


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