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Now Designed for "F" Power!Another LAUNCH PAD Original!

Introducing the BOLO. Artillery rockets are nothing new. The ancient Chinese used them, as did naval vessels in the War of 1812. They have persisted, however, because they are relatively inexpensive, and capable of constant improvement and innovation. Modern artillery rockets can carry single high-explosive, chemical/biological, or even low-yield nuclear warheads, but most are now designed to dispense clusters of submunitions over a wide area. These submunitions can include anti-tank or anti-personnel mines, individually guided or unguided bomblets, runway cratering charges, or even non-explosive sensors and listening devices.
BOLO is a LAUNCH PAD original, intended to introduce the model rocket enthusiast to Mid-Power rocketry, and the basics of High Power. Its simple, sturdy construction enables it to fly on "D" black powder motors for beginners, and still take the stresses of a high-thrust, composite fuel "E30" powered liftoff! And now, for those of you with really big recovery areas, BOLO is now rated for the RMS "F24" series composite motors! BOLO gives fantastic flight performance, time after time!  Pave your way toward eventual High-Power with BOLO! (BOLO kit not intended for High-Power motors.)

SKU #K013
Price  $17.99

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