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Japan's "TYPE 30" rocket is one of a series of surface-to-surface unguided missiles of the "Honest John" variety. It is usually carried on a twin launcher, mounted on a hydraulically stabilized truck body. The warhead is of the high-explosive, fragmentation head type. This rocket is manufactured by the Space and Aeronautical Department of Nissan Motor Co., and has an estimated range of 25km.
Almost 41 inches tall! The Launch Pad's version of the Japanese "TYPE 30" rocket is one of our most versatile. It can be flown on any one of five different motors, and performs flawlessly time after time. Our "TYPE 30" rocket is a large, 1:4.54 scale replica of the original. Recovery of this tall, slender rocket is by one of our bright, reflective 18" diameter Mylar parachutes, which, as always, comes with both barrel swivel and snap swivel to ensure tangle-free 'chute deployment.

SKU # K049
Price $26.99


Now Designed for "F" Power!
TYPE 30    300mm ARTILLERY ROCKET    (JAPAN)Now Designed for "F" Power!

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