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Now Designed for "F" Power!The CLASSICS Collection
FALCON AIM-4C (GAR-2A)              AIR-TO-AIR MISSILE       (USA)

This version of the FALCON was introduced in 1956. It was equipped with an infrared guidance system instead of the semi-active radar homing used by the AIM-4A. After 16,000 units of this model were manufactured, an improved version was released with more advanced IR equipment, and another 10,000 of these new missiles were built. Externally the two missiles were virtually identical. Falcon was one of the very first Air-to-Air missiles, and had a scorching acceleration of over 50 G’s. The four short "fins" near the nose were actually receiver aerials. Look carefully at the body and wing design, and you can see how this Hughes Aircraft missile eventually evolved into both the Maverick and the Phoenix missiles, also in this catalog.The Launch Pad is happy to bring back this classic missile. Re-scaled from a Plan-Pak we carried back in 1993, this beautiful kit features our usual high-quality parts, including laser-cut (not die-stamped) motor mount centering rings, premium grade balsa fins, and our colorful, highly reflective Mylar recovery system. Our sleek FALCON kit is able to use black powder "D12" series motors, the higher-thrust "E15" or "E30" series AeroTech composite fuel motors, and has now been redesigned to accept the RMS "F24" series 24mm reloadable composite motors.

SKU # K009
Price  $31.99


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