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As helicopter armaments become more and more sophisticated, their capabilities in the field of air-to-air combat are being further explored. Some helicopters, such as the U.S. Army’s Apache, have already been fitted with Sidewinder missiles for testing purposes, although we have designated the missile illustrated at right for use by the U.S. Marine Corps..THE LAUNCH PAD’s DRAGONFLY is designed as a lightweight, infrared-guided missile specifically designed as an outrigger weapon for helicopter gunships. It would be smaller and lighter than Sidewinder, which allows a maximum of 16 missiles to be carried on four pylons with quadruple missile mounts. It could be mixed with loads of ground-attack Hellfire or TOW missiles for added versatility. The short range (estimated at three miles) would still be sufficient to provide suitable protection for ground troops from enemy air attack.Our DRAGONFLY kit is powered by the popular "D12" series motors or the composite fuel "E15" through "F24" (AeroTech 24mm) motors. It returns under an 18" diameter Mylar parachute

SKU # K050
Price  $23.99


Now Designed for "F" Power!Another LAUNCH PAD Original!

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