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This shoulder-fired infantry missile was originally very similar to the U.S. Army’s Redeye missile. It had the advantage of being lightweight and portable, but was handicapped in that it was effective only against very small aircraft or helicopters. This, plus an inability to lock onto any heat source other than the exhaust nozzle of a departing aircraft meant that, by the time Grail was able to sight onto the attacker, there was a very good chance that its operator had already been killed! In the Yom Kippur war almost half the A-4 aircraft hit by Grail missiles were able to return to base. Range is listed as 10km, speed is about Mach 1.5, and it carries a warhead weighing 5.5 lbs. As large numbers of these missiles are missing and presumed in the hands of terrorists, the Grail SA-7 is an Air Traffic Controller’s nightmare.IMPORTANT! READ THIS!: The propulsion system of the real Grail SA-7 missile used a short-burn booster charge to eject the missile from the launching tube. When the missile reached a safe distance from the operator, the main engine ignited, carrying the missile on its way to the target. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to shoulder fire this or any other rocket! Serious injury and/or blindness may result! Always use a standard 3/16" vertical launch rod type launcher and obey all the other rules of safe rocketry, especially those concerning keeping safe minimum distances from a launching rocket!

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