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Folgore is a lightweight recoilless rocket launcher system which is designed to be used in the shoulder-fired, tripod mounted, or vehicle mounted configuration without much effort in interchanging the hardware. It uses a hollow charge warhead, delivered by a simple fin-stabilized body, and has an effective range of from 50-700 meters.
Important!: As with any other rocket, it is important to keep a safe launching distance. Even though the real missile represented by our model can be shoulder-fired, to attempt this with our Folgore kit could cause severe injuries and/or blindness! Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to shoulder fire this or any other rocket!
The Launch Pad’s Folgore kit is two feet tall, and can use "D" through "F" motors. Although we have had several successful test flights using the E30 series motors, the acceleration using these motors seems a bit excessive for this lightweight rocket. We recommend limiting your composite fuel flights to the lower thrust AeroTech E15 and F24 series motors. Even so, it really moves out!Pricing

SKU # K056
Price $21.99


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