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With the introduction of such Warsaw Pact air superiority weapons as the AA-11 and the AA-12, western designers realized that the aging Sparrow system was no longer up to the challenges of medium-range air combat. To take the place of Sparrow, AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) was developed. This version, the AIM-120A, is approximately 3.7m long, and carries a small 22kg warhead. The small warhead size is made possible by the extremely accurate seeker head, and delivery is at a scorching speed of over Mach 4. A clipped-fin version (AIM-120C) is being developed to fit more missiles in the internal weapons bays of stealth aircraft.

Our AMRAAM AIM-120A is best powered by a pair of D12-5 motors, or those with high-power and composite clustering experience can also fly this rocket on a pair of AeroTech E15-7's. Paired E30's have been successfully used, but are not officially recommended. It stands over 54 inches tall, and is brought to you in accurate 1/2.69 scale. Despite its impressive size, this rocket weighs less than nine ounces without motors! An 18" aluminized Mylar parachute gives our kit version gentle recoveries again and again. A 12v. launch system is recommended for reliable cluster ignitions.

SKU # K048
Price  $38.99


Two-Motor Cluster!

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