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Now Designed for "F" Power!Another LAUNCH PAD Original! OSIRIS     MULTI-PURPOSE MISSILE    (THE LAUNCH PAD)

The Osiris is an original design from The Launch Pad. It is envisioned as an improved offshoot of our own Anubis missile, but in addition to the surface-to-surface payloads, the four interferometer antennae on the rear fins would enable this missile to perform short-range anti-aircraft missions as well. Folding, flick-out wings would enable up to eight missile canisters to be carried on a single tracked carrier. The carrier’s own hull mounted radar would suffice for surface-to-surface attacks, while an additional towed radar array would enable Osiris to triangulate and lock on to aerial targets.A single D12-3 motor is the smallest load that this huge missile can use. Best performance is with either an Aerotech E15-4 or an RMS F24-4 motor, but even so, Osiris is designed to take the stresses of a high-thrust E30 takeoff! Safe recovery is ensured by a large 18" diameter octagonal parachute, and the hardwood dowel "antennae" on the rear fins help prevent landing damage. Easy to build, fun to fly! Start your Mid-Power rocket collection with Osiris!

SKU # K020
Price  $29.99


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