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Sometimes called Pershing 1A (same missile, with a different carrying vehicle), Pershing was a neat two stage fire unit. First stage was a Thiokol TX-174 with an average thrust of 26,290 lbs. (for 38.3 seconds), followed by a Thiokol TX-175, which produced 19,220 lbs of thrust for a further 39 seconds. The reentry vehicle, using new technology in sharp-cone ablation, carried a whopping 400 kT nuclear warhead. Upon the later development of the much more accurate Pershing II, the size of the warhead could be significantly reduced.

Bigger is BEST! TLP’s Pershing is brought to you in 1/10.533 scale, just short of 40 inches tall! This 3.75" diameter version of the classic original active-duty Pershing is built massive, but light, so that you can get thrilling flights from your "E" and "F" motors. It’s slow, realistic liftoffs are real crowd pleasers. Although not one of the officially recommended motors, an E15-4 may be flown if the launch rod used is 48" or more in length. Recovery is by a single 18" by 30" Mylar parachute.

Length: 39.75"
Diameter: 3.75"
Motors: AeroTech E30-4, RMS E18-4, RMS F24-4
With 48"+ Launch Rod: E15-4

SKU # K046
Price  $43.99



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