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Now Designed for "F" Power!International Favorite.


This missile, with its unusual fin configuration, was capable of outflying any other air-to-air missile of its day with the sole exception of the Phoenix. Its Butalane composite propellant rapidly accelerates this missile to an incredible Mach 4.5, and sustains this speed for four seconds until burnout. At these speed the long low-aspect wings are not necessary, as maneuvering is performed by the rather strangely shaped tail surfaces. It is the heavyweight of the Matra line, weighing approximately 529 pounds at launch. Matra is now working to replace the Super 530D with the similar, but much slimmer, Matra MICA.
Sure to turn heads at any launch, the Matra Super 530D is a big, novel rocket to grace anyone's collection. The kit for this unusual missile results in a rocket you'll be proud to fly. It's a challenge to build, but you'll know it was worth it when you see the reactions this missile gets at the launch pad. Almost 3 feet tall and more than 8 inches around! The Super 530D is brought to you in accurate 1/3.98 scale and is capable of flying on AeroTech "E" or "F" power. This is a fine addition to your International Collection! Order your kit today!

SKU # K018
Price $32.99


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