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The CLASSICS Collection

The Sidewinder has had a long and very successful career with the U.S. military. Earlier versions were used in Vietnam. It has seen action against Libyan fighters, and again in Iraq. It has been manufactured in both infrared and radar-guided modes, and it has been adopted by many countries in NATO as one of their premiere air-defense weapons. This missile is so popular with other nations that countries from the Soviet Union to South Africa have come up with their own copies of the design.
Long, lean and mean! The Launch Pad’s designs for the AIM-9L Sidewinder result in a tall scale model 36.0" long! Redesigned in 1994, our latest Plan-Pak version (now discontinued) included details as fine as the bands and clamps on the missile’s body, but now all of this detail is available to you in KIT form! This missile replica is accurate right down to the little air-driven gyros (rollerons) at the ends of the fins. American-made, but definitely a candidate for the International Collection. Uses powerful "D" motors and an 18" diameter parachute for safe returns. Don’t settle for other manufacturer’s imitations: Go with the military specialists! The Launch Pad!


Price  $31.99

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