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Another LAUNCH PAD Original!

This missile is a LAUNCH PAD original, based loosely on the Vought T-22 "bus" missile, the A-3B Hermes, and the WWII German "Wasserfall". In operation, it would be approximately 24 feet long, fired from a heavy truck or tracked vehicle, and could carry a variety of payloads, including a 1000 lb. Cluster munitions dispenser or the M234 10-kiloton nuclear warhead. Another possible use would be the delivery of individually aimed IR-guided TGSMs (Terminally Guided Sub-Munitions) for anti-armor missions.
Our model is a 29 inch tall, "D" powered workhorse. The kit instructions for this missile contain a bonus... the secret of making strong, sculpted fins (the forward wings) from ordinary, thin poster board. These fins are completely hollow, yet due to the assembly methods used, are fully as strong as much heavier solid balsa fins, and are much easier to construct! Our kit version of the FLAIL includes our strong, colorful Mylar parachute, streamlined tail cone, and all other components needed to build this unusual and popular rocket.

SKU # K043
Price  $27.99


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