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Designed for "E" or "F" Power!International Favorite.


The largest single competitor for Sidewinder in Western Europe, the Matra "Magic" R.550 actually has better design and performance requirements. It can be fired at any speed (no minimum), meaning that it is a prime candidate for the arming of attack helicopters. "Magic" is very slightly larger in diameter than Sidewinder, but the launch installation components in the carrying aircraft were wisely made interchangeable. Interestingly, the tail fins of the R.550 are free to rotate around the rocket’s nozzle, providing a sort of spin-stabilization. The warhead weighs 12.5 kg, and can be delivered at ranges of more than 6.2 miles.No "D" powered launches for this one! "E" or "F" power is needed to get this giant up and away! At the time this catalog was prepared, this is still the only kit representation of this famous air-to-air warrior on the market! Start your International Collection with this enormous scale model of one of Western Europe’s most popular missiles. This is what International Mid-Power Rocketry is all about!

SKU #K004
Price  $34.99


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