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International Favorite.

The Israeli Gabriel III/AS is an advanced offshoot of the original Gabriel ship-to-ship missile system. The original Gabriel was a small, canister fired sea skimmer, designed to attack enemy vessels at wavetop level, making its approach extremely hard to detect. This newer, air-launched version is larger, with a range of 37 miles, and carries a high-explosive warhead weighing 331 lbs. The guidance system of the Gabriel III/AS enables it to fly so low that it must be pre-set according to the current size of the waves.
The Launch Pad’s sleek kit of the Gabriel III/AS is based on a rescaled version of a Plan-Pak we first offered in 1993. Our kit version features our usual high-quality parts, clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and brightly colored metallized Mylar parachute for sure recoveries. Details have been enhanced, making this either a fine sport-flying model or an attractive display piece. Now rated for AeroTech "E" powered flights!

SKU # K010
Price  $27.99

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