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Welcome to The Launch Pad, and to our newly designed website.

We are the first Mid-Power rocket company, in fact, we coined the term "Mid-Power" back when all we offered was  Plan -Packs, which were sets of scratch-building  plans for do-it-yourself rocket models.  We no longer offer the Plan-Packs, but we now have the largest selection of scale and close semi-scale rocket kits in the entire industry, representing nations from all over the globe.  Our kits fly on 24mm "D", clustered "D", "E", "F", and now 29mm "F" and low-end 29mm "G" motors.  We have tried to give you the most accurate representations possible for all our missile replicas, changing dimensions only when absolutely necessary to ensure positive stability.  Kits from The Launch Pad are designed with several things in mind: Light weight, reasonable pricing, and awesome performance.

We remember our roots from the early days of Model Rocketry.  Rockets were built to be lightweight yet strong, a tradition we attempt to continue.  Our opinion is that ANYONE can strap a huge motor to a brick and get it to fly, at least for a short distance.  TLP kits are not as heavy-bodied as some, but are made to take the stresses of the recommended motors for flight after awe-inspiring flight.

A word about our new website. We are happy to introduce electronic ordering and billing, so you can now order and pay for your kits without printing out the order form and mailing it with a check. For any of our customers who prefer to print out and complete the order form, we will continue to accept orders by mail. We would like to hear your thoughts regarding the website, and if you report issues, we will endeavor to address them promptly.  


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